By providing coaching and consulting Sparkling Minds supports individuals and companies in discovering and activating their potential. We are creative minds and future shapers.

Our Vision

Activating potential through the power of creativity and inspiration.

Our Approach

We support ideas, challenge the status quo and stimulate new thinking. We create new perspectives by using creative tools, which are always solution-oriented and focused on implementation

Focusing – Inspiring – Differentiating – With clear added value for you!

Our offer – your benefit


Our offer caters to individuals who want to change, and to companies which intend to create an environment supporting creativity. It focuses on agile adaptation in the continuously changing environment. This is what we call Personal Change & Creative Leadership and involves:

  • Use of established coaching tools
  • Supporting change
  • Giving impulses
  • Achieving clarity
We will help you find the right next steps!​


We are your partner in helping you to develop new ways to innovate and to position your brand strategically, from the first initial ideas until implemention - with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. We focus on the best working solutions - and are implementation oriented.

  • Recognizing opportunities and making them usable
  • Identifying relevant insights
  • Creating viable concepts
  • Developing visions and ideas
We stimulate new thinking!

Our Philosophy

  • We listen
  • We challenge
  • We are solution-oriented
  • We are fully dedicated
  • We are value oriented and create value
  • We are curious and open-minded
  • We never stop learning
  • We inspire

Our Values

Sparkling Minds stands for respect, responsibility, courage and passion:

  • Respect – as prerequisite for creatively working together
  • Responsibilty – as basis for consequent implementation
  • Courage – as we can only do the next step and make the necessary changes when we have courage
  • Passion – as we cannot spark the fire and win people without passion

The founder

Cornelia Weiblen

  • over 20 years of professional experience in various positions within agencies and companies in marketing, innovation and strategy
  • Since 2018 self-employed as a consultant and coach
  • Industry and international networking knowledge in food & beverages
  • Key competences in mindful leadership, creative workshops, innovation processes, brand positioning and marketing-consulting
  • Certified Asgodom Coach (“Lösungsorientiertes Kurzcoaching (LOKC®)” ) (2015)
  • Certificate in Design Thinking IDEO "Insights for Innovation" (2016)
  • Certified Mental-Coach (Elemental Coaching, 2018)
  • Member of the International Coach Federation and ICF-Germany  
  • Certified Consultant for Mindfulness in Organizations (Mindful Leadership Institute and Trigon Consultancy, 2020)
  • Accredited Co-Resolve Instructor (Lewis Deep Democracy, 2022)

„I see myself as a creative mind and future shaper. I use my professional experience, creative power and passion and, case by case, my network of diverse experts, to support you from idea generation to successful implementation. Honest, direct, professional, inspiring and focused on the essentials.“

– Cornelia Weiblen, founder


We focus on the essential, your challenge, your objectives.

Our offer is directed to individuals who want to change, and companies which intend to create an environment supporting creativity and allowing agile adaptation in the continuously changing environment.
This is what we call Personal Change & Creative Leadership.

Creativity in finding a solution and active listening are the focus!

With creative techniques we jointly determine the situation and find the solution which fits best to you. The solution-oriented short coaching (Lösungsorientierte Kurzcoaching LOKC® from Sabine Asgodom) enables finding solutions quickly and efficiently.
We use 4 core elements: LISTEN – SIMPLIFY – INSPIRE – SUPPORT

Coaching - Offers

Personality Coaching
  • For those who are stuck in the daily routine and want to actively drive their future
  • For those who need clarity on what really counts
  • For those who would like to position themselves clearly and consistently.
Business Coaching
  • For those who are looking for a sparring partner and for support in all kinds of business situations and business challenges
  • For those who would like to improve their leadership skills
  • For those who would like to clearly define and live their values
Leadership Coaching
  • For those who would like to lead with a clear vision and value orientation
  • For those who would like to further develop their self leadership competence
  • For those who would like to live creative leadership – authentic, mindful, inspired and inspiring
Speed Coaching
  • For those who need a first solution quickly
  • For those who would like to come to a result in a very short time
  • For those who just need a first impulse

Giving an Impulse – Creating Clarity – Reassuring – Driving Change


We are your partner for developing new ideas in innovation, and to tackle strategic brand challenges.

We create new perspectives and fresh new ideas – for example with creative workshops which are fully set up and customized for your challenges. These are always driven by inspiration and creativity to develop the right solutions for you. Solutions which are based on relevant consumer needs and fit to your market and brand, and which will deliver growth for you!

We are lateral thinkers and idea facilitators through targeted inspiration!

We challenge the status quo by focusing on solutions and their implementation. We are your sparring partner, by accompanying you within the product and business development processes and by supporting you at key interfaces. We advise you regarding your innovation culture and innovation strength in order to further develop the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit for the future.
Alongside using the brand signature as a positioning tool, our offers are based on our Zoom out – Zoom in approach which consists of 4 elements:

Consulting – Offers

  • Looking into a future outlook – from experts perspectives
  • Discovering the most relevant insights
  • Identifying growth areas and opportunities
  • Reducing complexity – developing structures
  • Evaluating feasibility alternatives and estimating added value
  • Defining opportunities which fit to your brand and company
  • Developing ideas and concepts
  • Co-Working with consumers and users
  • Identifying consumer preferences
  • Sparring for internal innovation processes
  • Implementation of concepts and ideas
  • Furthering of your innovation culture
Brand Signature
  • Our tool to check your brand
  • Brand positioning / What differentiates your brand/your product
  • Jointly developing a future-relevant position in the market

Changing Perspectives – Giving Inspiration – Creating a Vision – Shaping the Future

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Contact details

Sparkling Minds
Cornelia Weiblen
85356 Freising
email :
phone: +49 172 1455885

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