Preserving tradition while still looking ahead to the future – that’s the challenge faced by many brands and companies. I travel a lot and am always very happy when I discover examples that successfully master and live this balancing act.
Just like the traditional Swiss brand Zimmerli (, which has been producing extremely fine underwear with the finest materials for more than 100 years, stands for pioneering spirit, keeping the brand current, relevant and never loses the zeitgeist.
Or the Steinbach Resort in Reit im Winkl (, which has managed to break away from a centuries-old farm that was converted into a hotel in the 1960s to a contemporary refuge keeping the inspiration and mental power of its history.

For example you can experience lived sustainability in a modern ambience here. As much as possible is sourced from the local region: one uses local materials and regional food – one lives and works with great respect against the background of centuries of tradition. It was not for nothing that Gut Steinbach was awarded the Top Hotel Opening Award in 2018 as part of the opening of the Chalet Dorf. Gut Steinbach thus creates a refuge for all, those values, tradition, authenticity and a relaxed atmosphere are important.